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This player, interfacing with the APIs released by any services, displays channels active. The list and the order of the result displayed is determined by any Services, CoolStreaming does not modification on the mechanisms that generate it.


This Services is the most famous live streaming platform that allows anyone with a webcam or video capture card, create your own channel and interact with the audience. The user who decice to open an account on Services, you agree not to distribute, copy, modify, transmit, publish, modify, adapt, or do other unauthorized use of audio-visual materials. In the event that these terms are not met, or, in particular, be holders of rights to broadcast material, each type of complaint should be directed to Service Abuse Terms, once found a violation, will close the account of the offender

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Exceeded certain users connected (300/1000) in some countries, especially in Europe, prompted a Pro Account to continue paying for the vision.CoolStreaming not affiliated with this platform. To read the terms and conditions you can go on